AQIA aims to empower Asians and Pacific Islanders of under-represented gender identities who aspire to or currently work in animation and visual effects.

Our History

AQIA (Asian Queens in Animation) began in the fall of 2020 when Maansi Sunkara, Shravani Yalsangikar, and Sanisha Agarwal sought out a community for Asians and Pacific Islanders (API) which at the time didn’t exist. Instead of waiting around for a community to be created, the three decided to take initiative and created Asian Queens in Animation. The goal of building this community is to create a backbone and safe space for Asian Queens to help them not only break into the industry but to survive and thrive in it. We support queens by organizing events and workshops focused on building connections, education, communication, and professional development. Through these efforts, we hope to empower and promote the growth of API talent who identify as an underrepresented gender in animation and visual effects.

Get Involved

Interested in becoming a member? We organize year-round events and activities for our members that focus on networking, community, professional development, panels, and workshops. The current membership is divided into two tiers:

Tier 1 - Benefits include workshops, Q&A events, monthly newsletters, exclusive career opportunities, volunteer opportunities, networking opportunities and exclusive panels. Qualifications for tier one: Identify as an Asian of underrepresented gender identity.

Tier 2 - Exclusive panels, workshops, Q&A events, monthly newsletters, limited networking opportunities. Qualifications for tier two: Allies who support Asian Queens in Animation.

Fill out the form in the link below to join as a member. You will receive our newsletters, where you will receive updates about upcoming events & initiatives, as well as tips from industry professionals here.